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One of the largest electronic payment systems in the world is known to internet active people all around the world under the name PayPal. This debit system allows making purchasing and paying bills as well as sending and receiving money orders. As PayPal is very wide spread and highly popular with the users it is convenient for online casinos to work with this system too. That is why the users can find lots of online casinos offers to use PayPal for withdrawing or depositing money.

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It was in year 2000 when the PayPal Inc. was created and at that moment probably even its co-founders Peter Till and Maxim Levchin did now realize how popular their online system would be. In less than a year the number of auctions on eBay that offered to make the payment with help of PayPal was over one million. And soon eBay Inc. has merged the PayPal system and the latest has become one of its subdivisions since that time. Also, PayPal changed location to California, USA. The international headquarter of the company are located in Singapore, plus it owns operations center in Nebraska( USA) and European headquarter in Luxembourg. In year 2012 PayPal was working in one hundred and ninety countries and had over one hundred and sixty registered users. PayPal users can choose from twenty four national currencies. In the USA the company has the license of a financial institution and so it follows the rules and laws created for financial institutions, but formally PayPal is not a Bank. And in Australia PayPal was licensed in year 2006 as a company working in the loan-and-savings field. And in year 2007 PayPal was licensed as a sort of banking institution in Luxembourg and thus has got right to work in the banking field on the whole territory of European Union. Thanks to these facts PayPal is known as a completely secure solution and remains very fast, easy to use and comfortable.

The users who choose PayPal can make payments after they introduce correct e-mail and password and the account is confirmed. And to register at PayPal a user needs to have an active e-mail and a Bank card to attach it to his newly created account. It is up to a user whether he wants use his bank account or a debit and credit card, but it is important that the card is good for online payments. That is why such cards of high class as Visa (can be Classic, Gold or Platinum), MasterСard (Mass or Gold) are preferable. Also, a user will need to have at least 2 (or better a bit more) dollars on the card as the card will need to pass verification process as well after the registration. PayPal will return the money shortly after that. The registration itself if free of charge and the person who sends the money via PayPal will not face any fees as well.

If you are an online casino player, then you will be able to make the deposit on your PayPal account and use it for making deposits afterwards. The fact is that nowadays PayPal casino payment method is one of the most popular out there. Online casinos that accept PayPal are very numerous. The players can use any of the methods of transaction offered by PayPal and use either the bank account or the card. But they do not need to enter the information on the bank account or the card in the system. They only need to use the email they registered with PayPal and the private password and the system will carry out the transaction. The system makes the deposits instantly and the currency conversion will be provided automatically if needed.

PayPal can also be used for withdrawing the money from an online casino after the request is processed by a casino (according to the casino withdrawal rules of course). A user can transfer the funds to the bank account or the card he has attached to the PayPal account, but he will need to pay the withdrawing balance fee. The amount of the fee can also be a bit different, so the users should learn them private to making the transfer. Also it should be remembered that online casinos can set different deposit and withdrawal minimums and maximums for PayPal account that will depend on the status of the account and the country of operation.
PayPal goes with the users’ needs and does all the possible to make the transactions convenient and fast. For instance in March last year PayPal gave life to the PayPal Here device that allows the users to pay by means of credit card with help of a mobile phone. Although this system is not supported by iPhone, it has become quite popular with the users thanks to its convenience. The number of mobile versions of popular online casinos that work with PayPal is really high too. And almost any Microgaming casino PayPal is easy to find.

PayPal Microgaming casinos are numerous and very easy to find. The fact is that in many Microgaming casinos PayPal is the most popular payment method. And is such online casino PayPal users can obtain the first deposit bonus when they first signup at many of the online casinos accepting this payment method. But the players should be careful not to miss it as the casinos usually provide this offer only once. Some online casinos offer a hundred percent welcome bonus up to 150 dollars, so the players who deposit 150 dollars at such casinos will receive the maximum bonus available. There are other great bonus offers at online casinos too. And it is not hard to make use of them, all that is needed is to make a deposit via PayPal and receive the bonus that can be up to 10-20 dollars.

So as you see Microgaming casinos using PayPal are very numerous and convenient. And although it should not be a problem to check if a particular online casino accepts PayPal, unfortunately at some countries there can be restrictions regarding using this payment system. That is why it is always wise to check the information about, restrictions, fees and general conditions on the official site of PayPal before joining it.

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