High roller bonuses

Online casinos do value the players who visit their sites and make deposits larger than average. One of the ways to show such players good attitude is to offer them special bonuses called High Roller Bonuses. The high rollers on their hand benefit from this in a big way. For instance, if the match high roller bonus makes 50 percent it would mean as much as 500 dollars on each spent thousand. And some online casinos even offer 100 percent match bonus for high rollers. So it always makes sense to check the casinos websites for such information before joining one of them. Also, it is important to check the terms and conditions attached to the bonuses beforehand and make sure that they do satisfy you.

Casino High roller bonus 1st deposit 2nd deposit 3rd deposit 4th deposit play
Jackpot City casino Jackpot City casino
100% up to €400 + 100% up to €200 + 100% up to €100 + 100% up to €100 play now!
Ruby Fortune casino Ruby Fortune casino
100% up to €150 + 50% up to €200 + 25% up to €400 play now!
Betway Casino Betway Casino
100% up to €250 + 25% up to €250 + 50% up to €500 play now!
Spin Palace casino Spin Palace casino
100% up to €250 + 25% up to €300 + 50% up to €450 play now!
All Jackpots casino All Jackpots casino
100% up to €250 + 50% up to €250 + 50% up to €100 + 50% up to €500 play now!
All Slots casino All Slots casino
100% up to €250 + 50% up to €250 + 50% up to €500 + 50% up to €600 play now!

Usually the terms and conditions for the bonuses for high rollers are very generous on the casinos side. It is absolutely understandable as these players are very active and they are big spenders which is good for the casinos. On the other hand the players get paid for being active by the extra money added to their accounts. And quite a lot of money too!
Some casinos have certain restrictions as for what games can be played to be acknowledged for the high roller bonus. But as a rule there are no such restrictions and that surely puts the high rollers in a better position compared to the other players. And once again, this is logical as the players who spend over a thousand dollars should have the right to choose when and on what games to spend them.
One of truly great things about getting bonus rewards is that the bonus money allow to play a new game or a game you have never played before without spending real cash. At the same time when one uses the bonus money for the game he knows very well can lead to multiplying the money by many times. So the bonus cash is a great tool if one knows how to use it.
The casinos big spenders are those who can count on getting the High Roller casino bonuses. These can even be the players who do not spend lots of money on a regular basis, but decided to deposit a large amount of money at one time for some reason. When such players receive the 50 or even 100 percent match bonus their interest to spend a lot may remain high. And it is certainly always pleasant to feel valued and appreciated in a really big way, so this is not a feeling one can easily give up and forget.

Jacob Morgan