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There are not many people nowadays actually do not have at least one banking card. The banking cards are easy to use and very convenient. Almost any goods and services can be paid for by means of one of these cards in many countries all over the world. Many companies pay the salary via banking cards as well.

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The online casinos could not stand aside and not follow the wishes of the players to use their banking cards to make the deposits and receive the withdrawals. But as any other means of payment the credit cards have some peculiarities when being used in online casinos. Here we will give you as much info as possible in such a short article. So first of all let us take a look at what types of banking cards are the most common. The banking cards are most commonly of two types plus one standing a bit separately:

  • Debit cards allow the owner to use the money he already has on the account. The most common debit cards are the salary cards.
  • With Credit cards the holders can spend some more than they have on the card, as the bank gives them credit. But they of course need to pay the credit back, with some extra fee.
  • The newest type of card is a Virtual card. Such a card does not exist physically, but they can be used for making payments in the internet. As the Internet grows, so does the number of such cards.

Certainly the banks offer more types of cards, but these ones are used most commonly. What is also important to know on the credit cards, is that they can use different payment systems for their work. The widest spread are:

  • MasterCard is one of the most popular payment systems nowadays.
  • -Visa is also one of the different payment systems there are today.
  • There are other payment systems, but they are far behind the above mentioned two.

“Plus” sides of using banking cards in online casinos

The advantages of using credit cards in online casinos are numerous. Among them are:

  • A holder of a banking card can use it any time to register at an online casino. At least this is the case with Visa and MasterCard.
  • Most online casinos will verify an owner of a banking card right away as a valid user.
  • With e-wallets for instance, the players need to fill in numerous registration forms. With a banking card there would be no need to do this.
  • Also, the e-wallets like Skrill or PayPal will not allow receiving the funds a player has withdrawn from his online casino account as fast as with a banking card. With Visa or MasterCard money transfer is the matter of hours maximum. Although not all the online casinos allow withdrawing the funds in any case. But still, this advantage can be very important to many players.

Drawbacks of using banking cards at online casinos

There are some drawbacks of using banking cards when dealing with online casinos too. The most important are:

  • If a player uses his banking card he is no longer anonymous. What the e-wallets give is the feeling of security, as they do not provide personal data of the owners of e-wallet accounts to the casinos. And with the cards, any transaction a holder makes is being recorded by the casino and the bank.
  • Unfortunately not all the online casinos out there are completely secure and trustworthy. So the details of a banking card a player leaves at an online casino can theoretically be used for some sort of illegal activity. This is no great at all of course.

But since it is easy to find an online casino that has good reputation with the users nowadays, many disregard the latest disadvantage.

Jacob Morgan