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The best microgaming casinos 2019:

Where to win top Microgaming jackpots

The fact that modern online casinos are so popular is easily explained. For most players joining one of them is the only real chance to feel the atmosphere of the real gambling and maybe – to win some real cash. Or a lot of cash if he is playing a progressive slot game. So basically, one can win a lot spending almost nothing at all. And there is no strategy to be taken care of in this type of games. All it takes is to press the ‘spin’ button and pray for the best luck.

Online slots

Still, the real money prizes can be very different. Their amount depends first of all on the online casino you are playing at. As a rule Microgaming online casinos offer the largest jackpots in the industry, but different slots by this provider also offer different wins. Usually they are talking about regular jackpots that can be won by mere spinning the reels and hoping for good combinations to come up. The winning combinations are found in the payout tables.

Progressive slots online

Although the smaller jackpots are pretty often rather large (up to hundreds of thousands), they are never as huge as progressive jackpots. The latter ones are worth millions! The secret of progressive jackpots like Microgaming’s Mega Moolah is that they are accumulative. That is, all the bets made in numerous online casinos powered by Microgaming are put together to make one huge jackpot that climbs down to about a million only when some lucky player wins it.

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